Friday, December 25, 2009

Enlarged Spleen In Dogs Enlarged Spleen In Dog?

Enlarged Spleen in Dog? - enlarged spleen in dogs

Last night, my wife and I took 6 years Airedale to the vet after his stomach seemed relaxed and was clearly uncomfortable laying down, etc.

The doctor took and x-ray and said it was clear that the fluid in the abdominal cavity, and it seems to be a problem with the spleen. An emergency splenectomy was necessary. The doctor removed the spleen was found enlarged and appeared to turn. The fluid in the abdominal cavity was apparently the blood slowly leaking from blood vessels to the spleen. Perhaps because of torsion.

I read a lot of information about the enlargement of the spleen and the ever present possibility of cancer. However, the vet said there were no signs of liver tumors seems to be very healthy, and no new tumors or abnormalities in the abdomen. Certainly we need to do a biopsy.

Any words of wisdom, until the biopsy comes back? What could the braid / enlarged spleen?

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