Thursday, February 11, 2010

Foto Ran Online HELP!! MSN Photo Virus!?

HELP!! MSN Photo Virus!? - foto ran online

Hello. Yesterday morning was so stupid. One of my friends was clearly not in line and sent a link that says: photo? ha ha: P
But PLEASE PLEASE do not click on this link. There is also the virus.
So if you are the one who asked me to download something, I clicked on "Run" and waited. It is loaded and no pictures. I went and talked some more.
So, my team told me I had to do something in a file. At one point, I copied and pasted into Google. Then there was a Did you mean?
EI clicked on this and said it was a virus from MSN. I may or may not. I think yes, because if I have a cat (after clicking on the link and run), the relationship came to me when I spoke. When I saw him, I felt Sign up nowGED msn!
I do not think it was something the person I talked and said click on the link.
So all yesterday, from eleven to two hours, I was searching for a cure. MSN Virus Remover does not work, I have this site: ...
I downloaded several times, but my safety (McAfee) locked, it was a trojan or something else.
Therefore suspended, and I could not use it. I think it's a fake Web site that you are more of the virus.
So yesterday I deleted MSN completely from my computer and then close my Hotmail account. I will never be MSN, I can not use hotmail.
I found a full scan of the computer and nothing. II wonder if completely removed or not?


James said...

Ok It's very simple! Including sales to download something. Never Ever !!!!! click Run unless the trust or the site.

Then run AVG Free. Virus Scanner
Anti-virus software or what ever you use.

Then download should go then delete the cache, then. I would like your computer in Safe Mode, to be sure.

Never charge with programs like msnvirusremoval probably because it is a virus.

Only you download stuff that you trust and try first.

Never open links in MSN if you have informed the site.

Always check the URL before any information anywhere.

With these tips and suggestions can be resolved in time that never happens again.

Lol I see on the to see what it was.

But do not worry, I Can not Get VIRUS!:) Im on a Mac:)

Jordan said...

ahhh the old MSN photo virus. MSN affects only way you should be fine if left sends you to everyone who is online when your online on msn. If you really want to get rid of the use avast! Anti-Virus. Download from their site, then get a code to the SRU website and then when you run the program, open the menu in the upper left corner, click the Start Time Schedule scan and remove viruses and automatically delete the file system, or if you need me get through, email me and tell me where u stuck and does not mention that the answers to ur question on Yahoo Answers:)

Panda Boy said...

Download and install Malwarebytes and can perform an update. Then do the following:

Boat 1) in Safe Mode.
2) Run Malwarebytes and do a full scan.
3) Remove after the scan is complete found, restart your computer.

To ensure that the virus is completely eliminated from your PC, update your McAfee virus definitions and analysis. You can remove everything and restart your PC when you are prompted.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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