Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monster Energy Kollektion Is It Okay To Drink A Monster Energy Before A Boxing Match?

Is it okay to drink a monster energy before a boxing match? - monster energy kollektion

I know it's OK to take an energy drink, Monster energy than a boxing match, the energy was full and tired easily. Okay? Explaining.


John S said...

Not acceptable. The Sugar Rush leads to an accident of sugar and little power. In fact, I remember reading on Yahoo Sports a week ago about a man on the Lakers, who had a mild toooth affected his play on the field because he's gone lost focus after the Sugar Rush. The accident will be tired and performs better than the fitness training. It is not illegal in this direction, but not recommended. I knew a guy in high school at the track has an energy drink and fell immediately after the race.

Ken said...


If you ask a nutritionist, they will tell you that a balanced diet with all food groups.

The problem with the consumption of carbohydrates or protein / supplement / food bar is set that they buy in an area more than common sense.

Consider this: Everyone says avoid artificial foods, and yet "sold the health food stores all processed junk food.

If you need to eat, then eat .......

Taking a meal, Nice balanced before a game, has well-hydrated, but you have enough time for lunch at an agreement. Leave the sugary drinks and loading of protein for fashion retailers.


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