Sunday, February 14, 2010

G On Ontario License Plates Changing Canada Drivers License To US One?

Changing Canada Drivers License to US one? - g on ontario license plates

I live in the United States for one year with an old friend, I have a license plate from Ontario class G Ontario, and in my car. I wonder if I left the USA to go? If so, how? I have no social security card in the United States, Canada, we have "Social Security numbers," an insurance card is valid everywhere? Is there a way around this? If it is' not that kind of thing that I must have a social security card application and how long would it take? If I were a card that segurosocial Canada's Social Security # for when I go back again mean? "I work at home and are paid in Canadian dollars and pay taxes in Canada, things would change again if I do not think you go spend a year, you back then? (Channel US bank accounts and how?). Sorry, I'm pretty young, so I do not know exactly how it works, so there are many questions in my main question.

Thanks in advance!


Ziv Zulander said...

You can with the United States because he believes that, even if you go to Vancouver. Legally allowed only in the United States for 6 months as part of a tourist visit / visitor status. To live and work legally in the United States, you must subscribe to different types of visas and work permits. It will be impossible to obtain a social security card / number (a truth that does not come from someone selling them in an alley anyway), without showing proper documentation / documentation that you are entitled to work with the United States . UU ..

To obtain a work permit or visa, we need an employer who can sponsor or find sponsors themselves, but they expect the two cases that we have excellent technical skills for a particular purpose.

To live here legally, even for a year, youmust apply for a visa or a residence permit and wait until it is approved, it may take several years to be ratified. I think it is almost impossible (if possible get), a green card if you have a family that you are a sponsor, if you win the lottery.

I'm not trying to sound like a ******, but make sure anything you research thoroughly before you here. website should be able to give a very good idea.

columind... said...

I went with a girl from Elmira, she changed her license or insurance / registration of the time he was here, almost 2 years. I just want everything as it is, can save a huge headache!

gomanyes... said...

You will not need an American license. Each state has different rules, but usually need a local license if you plan to stay. If you are a visitor, do not work in the United States, you can drive on your license in Canada.

But if you have a U.S. license you can submit your passport and a visa instead of a social security card. No state requires you to have Citizens for a license.

UCANTCME said...

It is best if you can contact your LOCAL (DMV) Department of Motor Vehicles office to answer your questions and AT THE SAME TIME, you get the right answer to your question.

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