Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Much Cake For 80 People Wedding Cake???

Wedding cake??? - how much cake for 80 people

I want a cake for my wedding Profitt roll no idea how much they cost up to 80 people to feed? Does anyone else like a wedding cake, had wgat did you think?


Anna G said...

Croquembouche (puff pastry) are a very traditional wedding cake and can be overwhelming. are not so great in hot weather, as can the son of sweets that holds them together are softened. Viewing photos in the link below to get an idea of their appearance and size, can work. You can have all sorts of fillings: cream, different, etc.

Pastisseries wants to do well, they mainly those who do French-style pastries.

I do not know where she is, do not think so not in the price, but I am sure you are always calling for some ideas and price comparisons.

Good luck. ...

Janet said...

u should check out the prices of the bakery.

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