Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chopped Hairstyles What Kind Of Hairstyles Could I Use While Transitioning From Permed Hair To Natural Hair?

What kind of hairstyles could i use while transitioning from permed hair to natural hair? - chopped hairstyles

Apart from the braids and big band, how can I style my hair, during the transition?


Anonymous said...

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sweet564... said...

Braid outs offers flexi-bar bar offers Departure permanent rotation, half wigs

Nickie said...

You can try weaving, weaving quickly, wigs and half or protective styles like buns, ponytail, long rain settings are good, too (depending on the amount of new growth already.) Any style, not much handling is good. You do not have to comb your hair, because the different textures can lead to breakage.

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