Friday, January 22, 2010

How To Keep Florida Outdoor Rabbits Warm My Doberman Has An Outdoor Kennel And I Need Something To Keep The Mosquitoes Out Of His Kennel, And Off Him?

My Doberman has an outdoor kennel and I need something to keep the mosquitoes out of his kennel, and off him? - how to keep florida outdoor rabbits warm

I live in Florida and were now in the rainy season, so that mosquitoes are everywhere, and life in the house of the dog in the kennel. He is responsible for the care of heart to heart, and I use front line anymore, so fleas and ticks remain, but mosquito-eating anyway. It is in me, but their niche HES 9-2. So that they need help, I do not think a man should be repulsive, it is a dog?
And apart from all the mosquitoes, if I have a thing lamp near the door of his cage to use. The whole problem would be gone, or only some?

I do not know what I could do to help what?


howldine said...

Put mosquito compensation outside of the cage, you can not break with their feet.

Discard the water was on the domain model in the bowl of water every day if you

We are building a house near the cage of bats Bats are the # 1 source for mosquito control.

Try to spray citronella around the outside of the cage, do not spray your dog.

There are mosquito repellents for dogs, but never used, if Frontline does not work + I'm not talking about a different product know advisable to call your veterinarian.

We hope some of that support.

Robin said...

Avon Skin So Soft is ideally located for them. Simply something into a spray bottle and spray on him every day. It works really well.

ME said...

My dad has a big cage and watch dog lovers, sometimes as much as it is a magnet for mosquitoes, which is close by and used Zonk and Frontline. I also used the 60-day Country Vet Flying Insect Control Kit that should help a lot ... Good luck!

We live in Florida, and only after many years and we have the best job ...

Volsfan said...

The error light would be a good idea. I do not know what to use. Or call a local pet store or go there and see what they recommend. I'm sure they have something. Perhaps you have seven dust powder. This helps all the errors.

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