Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Classic Wedding Car Hire Wedding Costs?

Wedding Costs? - classic wedding car hire

With a budget of £ 4,000.
Can you give me a rough idea of the cost of the most important aspects of a marriage or tell me how yours cost a lot? Such as:

Cost of church
A vintage car rental
Buffet 60
Suit hire


LILLY J said...

I got married in July 2007 (I live in Wales) We have about 3800 euros and is perfect.

Church cost me £ 270
Car) was £ 175 (the most expensive cars
Photographer, who provided nearly 700 pounds, but a family member has done for the development costs (30 € ISH)
We had the local rugby club at £ 200, including DJ
Buffet we had for 70 and cost £ 400
My husband bought a suit, but it costs around £ 100 for a suit Moss Bros
My mother-in-law cake and loads
Quoted £ 300 for the cake, but
Purchased clothing from £ 100 from £ 300, but it was exactly what I wanted when I went shopping.
My bridesmaid dresses were £ 20 each at Asda, but they had the perfect color.
Flowers cost me £ 140 including hooks for both parents, the groom, best man, Usher and bouquets,

I hope this helps and if you is not nothing else I'll add more later

katie-bu... said...

To be honest, it is best to call around to all these places, because from SOOO can vary considerably depending on many factors. Mine was as follows:
Church-1800 $
Classic car_ $ 0 (no)
Photo $ 500 (for the hiring of a friend)
room $ 20 per person or $ 4,000
DJ-$ 375 (for the rental of a friend)
Buffet breakfast in the room price
Wedding dress for free-$ 0 for married couples

My advice would be sitting with her boyfriend with a list of things and decide what you can afford. The rental places close to call different cars. Photographers, etc., and see what your cost basis, so you have a better idea of what you can get in free for these things. Provide for my recording, do not rent a room has. For only $ 20 per person and include linen, crockery, cutlery, glasses, tables, chairs, food, etc. Arent married in a church, rather than its historic green house, so its much more expensive than most churches. Call around the local company or go to a salon, the bride and give all the information you need! Good luck!

sanusi said...

I had just got married last Friday we had a registry office wedding, which was 100 pounds sterling for up to 40 people costs £ 450 and the restaurant for 30 people, including a bottle of Moet champagne, was the bridesmaid dress, £ 500 was 210 pounds, 2h, the car was leased at 395 £ 300 photographers, small accessories and rings £ 460 not sure that the groom was 220 pounds or 75 kilograms of flowers pits and holes of 3 pounds, 50 in total, including all the nooks and crannies spent the best part of £ 4500 for a registry key to marriage with 40 entries and 30 for the buffet and a good family involvement, and try to make it possible to reduce costs

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