Monday, January 25, 2010

Skoal Pouches For Sale I Went To My Grocery Store And They Only Had 1 Flavor Of Skoal Snuff Pouches?

I went to my grocery store and they only had 1 flavor of skoal snuff pouches? - skoal pouches for sale

I asked about the taste of berries and they said they had never heard of him was in court only as long, but I want more pockets, where I can find berries tasted just Skoal Wintergreen.
Even the bags is that I'm looking for.
Thank you.


Carri said...

Try a shop snuff. , All. Many meats carry many different flavors. The shop is your best option if you want. I'm sure, but none of which I think are the flavors of fruit in plastic bags, cans only, you may want to question whether to consider.

sitonlap said...

Well, that sucks

sitonlap said...

Well, that sucks

lfahn25 said...

They come in flavors?

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