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How Many Periods Are There In Indian History Who Were The Explorers Those Came To India From Foreign Countries During The Medieval Period?

Who were the explorers those came to India from foreign countries during the medieval period? - how many periods are there in indian history

Who were the scientists who came to India from abroad in the medieval period in India

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Marco Polo (Venice, 1254-1324)
1271-92: With his father and uncle, travels to China through Palestine, Persia and Central Asia. He has great Kublai Khan in 15 years and has visited India in the country.

Ibn Battuta: (1304-1369)
eight years in India, where he was a Qadi or judge in the government of the Sultan of Delhi. In 1341 he was appointed by the Sultan to lead a diplomatic mission to the court of the Mongol Emperor of China

Odorico of Pordenone (also known as Oderic da Pordenone, Italy, known? -1331)
1316-30: Trip to China to India and returned to Italy in the countryside

John Montecorvino (better known as John of Montecorvino in Italy, 1247-1328 known)
1291-4: Travels to China as a missionary. He preached in Persia and India.

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