Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tulip Wedding Centerpieces Wedding Planning/Progress Thoughts?

Wedding Planning/Progress Thoughts? - tulip wedding centerpieces

May for my wedding is next, and that's what I've done so far.

1. Arranged ceremony in the church with the pastor ($ 175)
2. Reception rooms reserved for the VFW, where my uncle is a member ($ 425)
3. Photographer found - the whole day, the ceremony, pictures, photos from the beach, and process the images / burned on the hard drive ($ 550)

We are themselves food for the reception. It semi-formal/casual. My colors are light yellow and lavender. I use the following benefits: ... (First photo shows)

and thus a form of potted tulips for my centerpieces. Any idea why?

I think of clothes shopping with my daughters this summer, when I have a bit more money.

Until now, as I do. I forget everything is important (). Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


Anonymous said...


They are better organized, if he wanted to marry that's for sure!

I agree with the only person who metioned the cake. Moreover, what kind of music? Music is a very important part of the reception and can be played before the ceremony?

Have fun choosing your music! Good luck with the rest of your planning!

Anonymous said...

Invitations? Cake? Gift Registry?

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