Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arthritis More Condition_symptoms If You Are Double Jointed Is It More Likely To Get Arthritis?

If you are double jointed is it more likely to get arthritis? - arthritis more condition_symptoms

Whether the double jointed in the shoulders and arms, and rotate and stretch a lot. Is it likely that arthritis or not?


Stephen A said...

I would say that if it stretches too often is the case, otherwise not

gillianp... said...

Before the age of 20 are very nice and flexible. We have a lot of collagen and that makes us flexible. After 20 you begin to collagen, which is part of the aging process is to lose, so you never an Olympic gymnastics in the 40 years!
Thus, double-break is not only the ability of collagen, become more curved, without another word, but as we get older, we become less curved. Therefore, treatment involves the injection of collagen, confirmed wrinkles.

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