Saturday, November 7, 2009

Royalty Free Ringworm Pictures Why Is A Rights Managed License More Expensive Than A Royalty Free One?

Why is a rights managed license more expensive than a royalty free one? - royalty free ringworm pictures

Rights Managed propellers are being sold ridiculously expensive if a license to the image rights managed with someone, you say that no one (this picture to you the Licensor) for the duration of the holiday buying RM?

Free License fees are the cheapest way because you can sell more than one buyer at a time?

Or am I from? There are no resources behind this song!

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Evan B said...

Every few years a large company that is humiliated in a nationwide advertising campaign, it was cheaper to buy royalty free images, instead of RM, if a competitor exactly the same picture in your ad. If you pay a lot of money for an advertising campaign to ensure the value that the images you use, do not appear elsewhere and dilute the impact of the message.

Rights managed, you pay for exclusivity. You pay the photographer or the image service, sell the rights for everyone.

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