Friday, November 6, 2009

Installing Boat Floor I Want To Repair A Few Spots In The Flooring Of My Boat. Why Can't I Simply Put 3/4 Inch Plywood Over It? ?

I want to repair a few spots in the flooring of my boat. Why can't I simply put 3/4 inch plywood over it? ? - installing boat floor

I have a few weak spots on the floor today, but most plants are intact. I bought the boat used and I have no idea when the plant has been installed. I only know that my boat at a turning point.

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jtexas said...

A: because there is more in red) that what one without knocking over dectect out (trust me on this issue.
B: Because of the rot is a bacterium, which runs until the release to get rid of completely. If you do not already added to the stringer and tail, and do not want rotten transom.
C, because it is more than 3 / 4 "plywood is sufficient weight, add lead to a significant decline in performance.
D: because if the wood is used without proper preparation, not least a season without delamination, and if you have to go through it anyway, might get it right, and have performed only once.

If you just want to spend the rest of the season, no problem, you'll build and take more later if time permits.

At the very least, you cut to keep the rotted sections with a large margin, cutting, and until you are sure you are made of solid wood. Look at the depth of the blade, though! ;)

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