Thursday, November 5, 2009

Serial Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Help Me?

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 help me? - serial adobe premiere pro 1.5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 bought two years ago. The team I was on the crash and bought a new computer last week. I have the files in both directions all the CD's I have to edit. When it comes time to install the Adobe CS4 will see that I lost the product key. I find the whole afternoon online to just answers. I saw something in the registry editor of Windows (not the steps, and the serial number I received was wrong) offers 13 different products in the major search engines tried (none of them worked) and now I do not know is what to do. I called Adobe, but they said they had no record of my program so that she could not help. Can you help me?

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