Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ms Diagnosis More Condition_symptoms Does Anyone Else Have Problems With Getting A MS Diagnosis?

Does anyone else have problems with getting a MS diagnosis? - ms diagnosis more condition_symptoms

I have problems with neurologists to give me perspective on everything about my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Depending on which day of the week is our frame of mind that doctors are in my example about 5 LP oligoclonal bands, but no one seems impressed by the MRI of my brain. I am very frustrated. Anyone else with this problem?

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Maggie F said...

Yes, most everyone does. It took decades for my mother and me, they told me I was crazy, etc.

It's very frustrating and boring.

It took an MS specialist at UCLA to diagnose me.

Please visit my support group for MS; ...

Adviser of MS was diagnosed 25 years ago.

Good luck.

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