Sunday, November 8, 2009

Safe To Swim At Silver Strand What Does This Dream Mean?

What does this dream mean? - safe to swim at silver strand

I had a dream where I and a man was sued by three people. Two eyes were pitch black and we drove down a hill into a forest of oak trees in the lake. Then grabbed me and said the man walked on the water as you safely. The black eyes and tried to drown me, somewhere out there not at all where I was the silver short sword, which was decorated in bright sunlight, and I met them both. Black Blood came out. But another person pretending to approach my father, but I knew it was not him. It was louder than the other two. Finally, water and followed me in, I tried to turn to when I was spinning. The man who rescued me, "said he sees light at the end of the lake. We went to the light and the man who stopped pursuing me, and went into the light. What does this mean?

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dat grl . kat . said...

wow sorry, but like all the other answers were terrible. did not listen to people, which means "cold, to say nothing but a dream!" Because dreams always mean something.
We dream a lot of symbolism, but that it is difficult for people who do not know what to try to find out what your dreams mean, since everything is the same for everyone. They say that dreams are a way to solve for the brain to the events of the day.
Frankly, I think the answer above me has a meaning. I'm sorry, I really have not my own answer. the child is of course a lot and if you are willing to risk everything for him, but perhaps you have the feeling that not everyone is happy.

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