Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bendroflumethiazide More Drug_warnings_recalls Can A Problem With The Dijestive System Cause The Heart To Race And Cause High Blood Pressure.serious Answers ?

Can a problem with the dijestive system cause the heart to race and cause high blood pressure.serious answers ? - bendroflumethiazide more drug_warnings_recalls

Can a hiatal hernia or pressure.I similar question ptoblems Print noticed that my heart rate was significantly increased after eating.can be as high as 170'87. I'm on bendroflumethiazide, since year.ih 58th

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heogog said...

It indicates that your heart rate is 170/87 it? It's your blood pressure. You had your heart rate.
Here's a question or two;
How great is that you eat?
Do you feel pressure or pain when the stomach is full?
Do you have increased the fire?
If you feel more pressure or pain after eating, then you can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.
Have you checked your blood pressure before eating? Try both before and after meals to see whether there is a measurable difference. This gives us a good indication of how much food distress.
If your blood pressure rises after eating regularly, you will probably visit your doctor.

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