Friday, November 6, 2009

Pain Elbow More Condition_symptoms Could This Elbow Pain Be More Than Just Bruising?

Could this elbow pain be more than just bruising? - pain elbow more condition_symptoms

During a game of racquetball, three weeks before I was fast in the direction of the rear wall to hit the ball forward, and my momentum carried me into the wall - hard. I, my right elbow was crushed between me and the wall. The pain was a difficult time, but I was able to continue playing. After a few days, there was no evidence of external bruising, which disappeared after a few days later. However, I have a sharp pain in the joint every time your wrist in a backwards movement, especially when lifting. Should I till the end, or wait for it in May, when damage in the joint (cartilage, perhaps?) Explain your medical care? Again, no twisting or hyperextension, but just for me in about 90 degrees when it is compressed between the ribs and the wall.

Perhaps the necessary information: age = 42, weight = 210 = decent condition.

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patois said...

Yup. After three weeks, if you still have pain, you must examine his arm. See doc. Rest, but in the meantime. No longer racquetball until cleared. RN

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